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Utopia of the Seas: What You Need to Know

The brand new Icon-class cruise ship is getting ready to set sail in 2025. Let's talk about this ship and what it will bring to the table.

Utopia of the Seas, a state-of-the-art cruise ship, is currently under construction for the globally renowned cruise line, Royal Caribbean International. As the sixth magnificent addition to the Oasis Class of cruise ships, Utopia of the Seas is a testament to the line's commitment to innovation and grandeur in maritime travel. She is slated to make her grand debut and commence service in the summer of 2024.

Port Canaveral, known for its bustling cruise tourism, will have the honor of being her home port. Interestingly, Utopia of the Seas will distinguish herself from her sister ships in the Oasis Class in one unique aspect; unlike her predecessors, she will not hold the title of the world's largest cruise ship, marking a shift in focus towards other elements of cruise ship design and guest experience.

With the recent release of Icon of the Seas being the world's newest and largest cruise ship out there, Utopia of the Seas is an opportunity for Royal Caribbean to bring out smaller ships, something that many loyal sailors are highly anticipating. Granted, Oasis Class ships are still incredibly large, as they all at some point (individually) the largest ships at sea.

In this article, I want to talk all there is about the Utopia of the Seas and what we know despite being overshadowed by the Iconic... Icon of the Seas.

Utopia of the Seas Fun Facts

The ship will have 18 total decks, with guests being able to access 16 of these. It will have a 5,668 guest limit (double occupancy numbers here), and 2,834 staterooms available. With 2,290 crew members, that's an incredibly large number!

The ship will have 5 pools, 3 waterslides, 21 dining venues, 23 bars, 2 casinos, and 8 hot tubs available for guests. I, for one, am definitely interested in the 2 casinos aspect. To continue with the numbers, there will be 5 places to catch live music, 4 shows available to be entertained by, and over 370 slot machines. Or dance the night away at one of the 6 dance venues. The variety of entertainment options ensures that there is something for everyone.

My favorite fun fact is that Izumi is getting a major upgrade with 6 Teppanyaki tables, now the largest Izumi ever! On this ship we will actually find Izumi and Izumi in the Park, a new experience I look forward to. Izumi will be offering a brand new, Omakase-inspired private dining experience that promises to be an unforgettable culinary journey for its guests. The meticulously curated menu will feature a multitude of courses, each thoughtfully paired with sake cocktails to enhance the flavors and overall dining experience. So with all of this being said, this ensures that more guests can enjoy the interactive and entertaining cooking process that teppanyaki is renowned for.

Izumi, Utopia of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Press Center

Oh, don't want to miss the game? For sports enthusiasts, there's no need to miss your favorite game while cruising. 68 televisions are at your disposal so make sure to check out Playmakers where you can enjoy a drink while keeping up with the latest sports action.

I recently uploaded a video on YouTube touring the Oasis of the Seas, and a separate video for the casino. If it is anything like this, then this will definitely be a fun-filled experience packed with tables and slots.

While the ship is Oasis Class, it takes after many aspects of the Icon Class features with the bright pops of modern colors. It also boasts 8 neighborhoods as well, so just as much fun packed into a smaller ship!

The Spare Tire, which is conveniently located near the pool, serves as a delightful "pit stop" for any hunger pangs you may encounter during your time onboard. This dining option is complimentary, offering a range of mouthwatering options to satisfy your cravings. But that's not all; you will also find El Loco Fresh and the Boardwalk Dog House on the ship, both ready to excite your taste buds. Royal Caribbean highly recommends trying the Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwich at the Spare Tire. If it's anything like the sandwiches they serve at Coco Cay, I can easily understand why it comes so highly recommended!

In terms of specialty restaurants, you'll be pleased to know that favorites such as Giovanni's and Chops Grille will be available. They're the perfect places for a special meal or to simply enjoy some exceptional cuisine. You will also see 150 Central Park onboard, but do note that there is no Wonderland on this ship. So, if you were hoping to go down a rabbit hole, you might be slightly disappointed!

Perhaps one of the most exciting and unique dining experiences you can look forward to is the Royal Railway, Utopia Station. This immersive dining experience simulates a train ride, ensuring a meal to remember. I will definitely do a video on this restaurant!

Royal Railway Utopia Station

Royal Caribbean Press Center

To keep you connected with the world while at sea, the ship is equipped with the classic and powerful Starlink WiFi. This means you can stay up-to-date with everything happening back on land, even while you're cruising. But if you're more interested in enjoying the sun than scrolling through your screen, there's an array of fun activities to engage in. These include the Flowrider, laser tag, a music hall, mini golf, rock climbing walls, and the thrilling Perfect Storm ride.

To add to the excitement, there's a new bar being introduced on this ship - the Pesky Parrot. It sounds like it will be a fantastic place to unwind after a day of activities!

I've got my plans set to be on the inaugural maiden voyage of this fantastic ship, which is scheduled for July 2024. Rest assured, I will capture every moment and detail, and you can expect a comprehensive YouTube video featuring a full tour of the ship. It's going to be a spectacular journey!

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