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Icon of the Seas Has a New, Furry Friend: Rover the Dog

Updated: Feb 8

Behold: the most adorable and fluffiest mascot the oceans have ever witnessed.

Stepping proudly into the limelight alongside the renowned Icon Lionel Messi is none other than Rover, the delightfully charming mascot for Icon of the Seas!

You might be asking, "Who exactly is this Rover?" Rover is an absolutely endearing Golden Retriever.

This week, Royal Caribbean International announced the arrival of this new fluffy companion, as the much-anticipated Icon of the Seas prepares to set sail towards the United States for its grand inaugural voyage. Rover, the newly designated Chief Dog Officer, hopped onboard the Icon of the Seas in the vibrant city of Miami, which is the designated starting point for the ship's first official sailing, scheduled for January 27th of this year.

Wait.... Are Dogs Even Allowed on Ships?

For the most part, the answer is no. However, Rover is not just any dog – she's a joy-spreading exception to the rule.

Royal hasn't been shy with Instagram posts of Rover, with plenty of videos of the dog interacting with crew and passengers alike. She joins the Chief of Staff as Chief Dog Officer and will be side-by-side with her staff as she sails the seas.

Royal Caribbean International has been actively sharing heartwarming Instagram posts featuring Rover, showing numerous videos of the dog cheerfully interacting with both crew members and passengers. As the newly appointed Chief Dog Officer, Rover joins the Chief of Staff working hand in paw, bringing joy and positivity to everyone she meets as she sails the high seas.

A recent video, posted to Rover's official Instagram account (because honestly, who can resist following cute dogs on social media?), showcases Rover's human companions explaining her role "as a crew member on Icon... is to bring joy and happiness to her fellow crew and guests onboard". Stop, my heart just cannot take it.

Rover, Icon of the Seas new Chief Dog Officer

With this in mind, it's clear that Rover has quickly become an integral part of the Icon of the Seas launch, leaving a significant imprint (or, paw print, might I say!). The Royal Caribbean marketing team is relishing the attention garnered from this new ship's launch. Not only is it the largest ship at sea, but it also boasts connections with Lionel Messi and a host of celebrities, thereby increasing the buzz surrounding it. Hats off to RCCL!

Iconic and Making Waves

Icon of the Seas is making debut in Miami this week as it travels across the Atlantic Ocean to reach its new home. This new ship is boasted as the largest ship at sea, and I cannot wait to sail on it (for Rover, of course!).

The Icon of the Seas is a triumph of modern engineering and design. This state-of-the-art cruise is truly a floating city, boasting impressive dimensions, luxurious amenities, and an international crew ready to ensure a memorable voyage.

With 20 total decks and 18 guest decks, this ship is a beast. It's designed to accommodate 5,610 guests based on double occupancy, housed within its 2,805 staterooms. Each stateroom is designed with comfort and luxury in mind, offering guests a serene and elegant retreat after a day of exciting on-board activities.

We have 40+ restaurants, bars, as well as lounges. WOW!

Built at the renowned Meyer Turku shipyard in Turku, Finland, the Icon of the Seas is a testament to the finest traditions of shipbuilding. The ship measures a staggering 1,198 feet or 365 meters in length, with a Gross Tonnage (GT) of 250,800. These impressive figures attest to the scale and grandeur, making it a standout in the world of cruising.

What is even better? Royal Caribbean is calling this ship the "largest waterpark at sea". The vessel hosts 7 pools and 9 whirlpools (and the most expansive pool at sea at 5,813 square feet!), and has 6 record-breaking waterslides to top it all off. The Frightening Bolt boasts the tallest drop slide at sea holding high at 46 feet tall and 282 feet long. The Pressure Drop is the first open freefall at sea, with a 66 degree incline (!). The Hurricane Hunter and Storm Surge offer the first family raft slides at sea, and the Storm Chaser is the first mat-racing duo at sea. Well isn't this quite the record breaking cruise ship! We even have infinity-edge pools to look forward to. There is also Swim & Tonic, which is Royal Caribbean's first swim-up bar. What could get better than this?

The ship is broken down into neighborhoods, eight of them to be exact. Favorite venues such as Central Park, the Royal Promenade, and the Aqua Theater are all still here but upgraded and innovated with a twist. Some new additions include Thrill Island, Chill Island, Surfside, and the Hideaway. All of these revolve around the water features the ship boasts.

The Aqua Theater is now the AquaDome, which has an incredible water feature that has water coming from the top! This will definitely elevate the already exhilarating shows that Royal Caribbean has to offer for its entertainment.

My favorite part that I am looking forward to when boarding the Icon of the Seas (2025 could not come faster for me!) is the Pearl. The glass art display is a ginormous feature that you will be greeted with immediately when boarding on the first day. It has panels that give it a shimmery, pearl vibe. I think this is definitely shaking up the game!

The ship also hosts many new types of cabins and suites available for stay. 28 different types of accommodations are available, so hopefully once the hype has worn down a bit and the inflation adjusts, there will be a cabin fit for every type of traveler.

For further information and my sources used, here are the links to check out more!

If you book one of the illustrious mega suites that come at a hefty price, you can even book a meet and greet with the pup. Worth it? Yet to be determined, I will check back in on this!

Want to follow along Rover's adventures? Check out her Instagram profile!

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