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LIVE UPDATES: Port of Miami Closed Due to Vessel Accident | Cruise News

Updated: Jan 7

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Updates (Last Update 11:59pm EST)

  • 9:45pm: Priority boarding begins with Yacht Club and seated for dinner

  • 9:15pm: Expected boarding to start 9:30pm-10:00pm

  • 3:35pm: MSC Voicemail, boarding begins 6:00pm sharp EST, all aboard by 9:30pm;

  • 3:05pm: Ships announced to arrive at port around 4:00pm

  • 1:40pm: MSC calls with 5:00pm estimate, $20 onboard credit to embarking passengers (Carnival is also providing $20 onboard credit)

  • 1:35pm: Part of vessel that sank has been salvaged

  • 12:55pm: MSC continues to allow sailors to enter terminal. MSC Yacht Club passengers moved to designated area.

  • 11:30am: A ferry and personal vessel collided, one ship sunk. Divers searching for lost victim and debris.

  • 10:45am: I have received a voice message from MSC to wait about 3 hours

Current Terminals:

  • MSC embarkation C, disembarkation D

  • Carnival embarkation F, disembarkation G

  • Norwegian embarkation B, disembarkation E

  • Carnival, NCL, and MSC are using two terminals each - one to disembark passengers and one for incoming guests


Typically Sunday's are some of the busiest days in the cruising industry. However, in Port of Miami, there is a massive closure due to an incident between two boats. I am here currently in the Port and here is what I've learned.

Also, be sure to check out my video of when I learned why our cruise ship was missing.

Port of Miami Closed Due to Vessel Accident | Cruise News

Photo Credits: The Life of a Cruiser

I arrived at the Port around 9:30 AM and much to my surprise there were no ships in sight. Around 10:45am, MSC cruise line sent out mass phone calls to passengers asking to delay arrival by 3 hours.

I spoke to another sailor who said they received an email from Carnival earlier in the morning, I do not have any insight into how Norwegian Cruise Line communicated with passengers.

Approximately 3:40 AM in the morning of June 25, 2023, there was a collision between a personal vessel and a ferry in the channel of Miami.

Our sincerest condolences go out to those affected by the incident.

This has caused a six hour delay in the arrival times for embarking passengers on Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, and MSC Cruises.

The U.S. Coast Guard is currently investigating the situation as well as looking for a lost soul and debris. One of the vessels sunk during the incident, and for the divers' safety no ships or boats are allowed into the area at this time.


After almost 12 hours, we finally were able to board the ship around 9:45pm.

It has been reported by crew that the vessel that sunk was recovered as well as the lost soul.

MSC Seascape was the last ship to sail out of the port, and the itinerary has been shifted around to accommodate the late departure.

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